Religion and Culture

Religion is a very strong thread in the fabric of Cayman life. The Lord’s day; Sunday, is still observed with reverence and the islands slow down considerably. Numerous historic and picturesque churches can be see all over the islands since the first missionaries arrived in the 1830’s and today there are more than 90 different churches; representing almost every denomination.

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Cayman Islands Worship Centres are listed alphabetically below:

ChurchesParish LocationPhone
Agape Family Worship Centre PO Box 276 GT, 50 Fairbanks Rd., George Town 345-949-2539
All Nations United Penticostal Church (UPC) PO Box 2624 GT,23A Swamp Lane, George Town 345-949-9533
Anglican Church - Church of England St Alban's & St. Mary's PO Box 719 GT, George Town 345-949-2757
Anglican (Espiscopal) Church - St. George's PO Box 1633 GT, Courts Rd Eastern Ave., George Town 345-949-5583
Assemblies of God (F/A of G) PO Box 30990 SMB, 195 Old Crewe Rd., George Town 345-945-2182
Baha'i Faith PO Box 30862 SMB, George Town 345-945-5093
Bodden Town United Church & Hall PO Box 2 BT, Bodden Town 345-947-3070
Calvary Baptist Church (Independent) PO Box 205 GT, 191 Walkers Rd., George Town 345-949-0629
Catholic Church - St. Ignatius PO Box 127 GT, 597 Walkers Rd., George Town 345-949-6797
Cayman Islands Seventh Day Adventist PO Box 515 GT, Smith Rd., George Town 345-945-5279
Christ the Redeemer RC Church 345-949-7390
Church of Christ Batabano Rd., West Bay
PO Box 268 WB345-946-9294
PO Box 733 GT345-949-3152
Church of Christ (George Town) PO Box 733 GT, Anthony Dr. off Smith Rd., George Town 345-949-5785
Church of God Bodden Town PO Box 302 GT, Bodden Town 345-947-2281
Church of God Full Gospel Hall PO Box 2329 GT, South Church St., George Town 345-949-2503
Church of God (Holiness) PO Box 927 GT, Red Bay Estates, Red Bay 345-947-8703
Church of God in the Cayman Islands (Anderson In) PO Box 10489 APO, 74 Fairbanks Rd., George Town345-949-6022
PO Box 172 BT, Bodden Town345-947-2281
PO Box 186 STB, Cayman Brac345-948-2552
PO Box 10515 APO, Frank Sound345-947-3391
PO Box 506 GT, George Town345-949-9393
PO Box 274 GT, West Bay345-949-1794
PO Box 10498 APO, Triple C School345-949-6022
PO Box 506 GT, Family Life Centre345-946-2524
Church of God of Prophecy PO Box 1781 GT, Eastern Ave., George Town 345-949-9497
Church of God (Seventh Day) in Jamica and The Cayman Islands PO Box 2533 GT, 65 Smith Rd., George Town 345-946-5535
Church of God Universal PO Box 370 GT, George Town345-946-4007
PO Box 9 EE, East End345-947-7451
Community of Christ - The Peace Chapel PO Box 1351 GT, South Sound 345-949-2539-9285
East End United Church Hall & Office PO Box 13 EE, Sea View Rd., East End Fax: 345-947-7618
Elmslie Memorial United Church PO Box 949 GT, Harbour Dr., George Town 345-949-7923
Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre PO Box 1562 GT, Devon Rd., Prospect 345-947-0710
First Assembly of God PO Box 30990 SMB, 195 Old Crewe Rd., George Town 345-945-2182
First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman PO Box 10175 APO, 920 Old Crewe Rd., George Town 345-949-0692
First Church of the Open Bible PO Box 1341 GT, Red Bay345-947-1786
Room 1 Robert Bodden Building Elgin Ave.345-945-2148
Frank Sound Church of God "Sanctuary of Praise" PO Box 1912 GT, Frank Sound 345-947-3691
Good News Baptist Church PO Box 2125 GT, Corner of Crewe Rd. & Tropical Gardens, George Town 345-949-0692
Jehovah's Witnesses PO Box 1892 GT, 12 Keturah St. & Walkers Rd., George Town 345-949-7114
John Grey Memorial Church PO Box 342 WB, Church St., West Bay 345-949-0692
King's Seventh-Day Adventist Church PO Box 515 GT, Walkers Rd., George Town 345-945-8189
McSevney Ian Rev PO Box 351 WB, Boatswain Bay, West Bay 345-949-4936
Menko O Rev PO Box 2 BT, Bodden Town 345-947-2239
Myles Rev. Stanwyck PO Box 274 GT, Mount Pleasant, West Bay 345-949-3332
New Testament Church of God PO Box 677 GT, North Sound Rd., George Town 345-949-7292
Pilgram Holiness Church North Side Fax: 345-947-2259
Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry PO Box 31020 SMB, Woodlake Swamp, George Town 345-949-1516
Presbyterian Church of Boatswain Bay
(Member of Presbyterian Church in America)
PO Box 351 WB, West Bay 345-949-3696
St. George Anglican (Episcopal) Church PO Box 1633 GT, Courts Rd. off Eastern Ave., George Town 345-949-5583
Seventh Day Adventist Cayman Islands Mission PO Box 515 GT, Walkers Rd., George Town345-947-0710
Cayman Brac Church345-948-0454
Bodden Town Church345-947-3145
East End Church345-947-7676
Savannah Church345-947-6077
George Town Church345-949-9713
West Bay Church345-949-1855
Northside Church345-947-9669 or 947-1478
St. George Anglican Church Hall PO Box 1633 GT, Courts off Eastern Ave., George Town 345-947-0710
St. Ignatius Cath PO Box 1562 GT, Devon Rd., Prospect 345-947-0710
Stake Bay Baptist Church PO Box 75 STB, Stake Bay Rd., Cayman Brac 345-947-0710
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints PO Box 11918 APO, South Sound Community Centre, South Sound 345-947-8541
The Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry PO Box 31020 SMB 345-945-7423
Thompson PO Box 927 GT, Red Bay (Manse) 345-947-1325
United Church in Jamaica & the Cayman Islands Presbyterian/Congregational/Disciples of Christ345-947-1963
George Town - PO Box 494 GT345-949-7923
Bodden Town - Webster Memorial - PO Box 2 BT345-947-3070
East End - PO Box 13 EE345-947-7613
Gun Bay United Church - PO Box 16EE345-947-7739
North Side - William Pouchie Memorial345-947-9456
Savannah United Church - PO Box 11204 APO345-947-6071
West Bay - John Gray Memorial - PO Box 342 WB345-949-1378
United Church in Jamica & the Cayman Islands PO Box 1700 GT, McDoom Ln., West Bay Regional 345-946-6418
Wesleyan Holiness Church PO Box 346 WB, North West Point Turtle Farm Rd., West Bay Cayman Brac 345-949-3394
Cotton Tree Bay Church of God Parsonage PO Box 186 SPO, Cayman Brac 345-948-2552
Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church PO Box 7 CR, Creek, Cayman Brac 345-948-0454
Crossroad United Baptist Church West End, Cayman Brac 345-948-1668
Ebenezer Baptist Church Creek, Cayman Brac 345-948-0260
Hillside Chapel (Baptist) Ashton Reid Dr., Cayman Brac 345-948-2280
Stake Bay Baptist Church PO Box 75 STB, Stake Bay Rd., Cayman Brac 345-948-2647